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  1. Greer

    Hi Julie! I love good movies, but don’t ever watch TV– however, the review I read of The Slap, which starts tonight on NBC, compelled me to check out a clip and now I plan to be front and center on the sofa a 8 o’clock. will you be watching?


  2. Greer

    awful. weak script and overacted and on top of that interjected with the dreaded voice-over narrator who sounded ridiculous. I don’t know how old the child was supposed to be, 5 maybe? anyway he was breastfeeding and it wasn’t for nutrition. I’m glad you didn’t waste your time.


  3. Sary K Newman

    Hey Julie,
    Wanted to put a cute little movie on your radar. It was actually on Showtime late one night so not sure where else you could find it.
    It’s called “Two Night Stand”. I thought it was very witty and sweet. Miles Teller is in and doesn’t play a bully or a jerk which is a refreshing side of him to watch. The female lead is Annaleigh Tipton. She was the young girl from Next Top Model and had a small but very funny role in Crazy, Stupid, Love. She did a great job in this movie, exceeded my expectations. Let me know what you think.


    1. julieflevine Post author

      I will definitely look for it. Crazily – I thought Annaleigh looked SO much like my friend Stefanie in Crazy, Stupid Love (one of my FAVORITE movies). I saw her running in Central Park last year. : )


  4. lynne

    Hi Julie, Mark and I saw Darkest Hour and The Post. We hope Garry Oldham wins best actor. Not having seen any others, all I can tell you is that when The Post ended, everyone in the theatee c

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