TV, take me away…

A few weeks ago, we went to Las Vegas to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday. A group of us were sightseeing the Venetian when a woman with an NBC badge stopped us and asked if anyone wanted to get paid to watch TV. Need you even ask?! Of course I did! (See my Nielson comment from first blog.) So two of us went through the underbelly of the hotel and ended up in a room full of people with headphones and personal screens. I got to watch Eva Longoria’s pilot for next fall, currently titled “Telenovela.” Her comedic timing really is great and I definitely laughed out loud more than once. I would certainly watch it a couple times. So I answered a bunch of questions afterward and they gave me $20. I love Vegas!

I really love television, always have. I like dramas and comedies but lately I’ve been feeling the need for escapist TV. I have a wonderful life, I feel very fortunate at the moment. We all know, however, that things can change in an instant. Everyone has rough patches – my family went through a big one three years ago, but like I said, now we are pretty good. Unfortunately, I am currently reading three Caring Bridge sites for people who should never be going through what they are going through. Not to mention cancer popping in and out focus for two of my favorite male family members.

So, while I love a good drama, lately they’ve been a little too serious (“The Good Wife”), a little too melodramatic (“Scandal”) and a lot gross/violent (“The Blacklist”). Sometimes, I just want to sit back and enjoy myself.

Everyone (deservedly) loves “Modern Family,” “The Mindy Project,” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” so I’m not going to plug them. Because I love an underdog, I am going to write about some shows that I think you should be watching if you want a fun 30 and/or 60 minutes.

The first season is already over, but I really enjoyed “Hindsight” on VH-1. As you know if you’ve been reading my blog, I love music. Music from the 90’s is my sweet spot. The plot concerns a woman who miraculously goes back to the 90’s and thus gets a re-do on her life (i.e. she chooses not to marry her now ex-husband). The characters are quirky yet believable but the music is my favorite part. One episode had both Frente! and Letters to Cleo!! So cool. I would LOVE to be the music supervisor for that show! I think they film in Georgia…

“Togetherness” on HBO is a sharp portrayal of modern marriage. (Full disclosure – I still have three episodes on my DVR to watch.) It’s serious and uncomfortable at times but I like its truth (and I’m a big fan of Amanda Peet). My favorite moment so far was at the end of episode 3, involving the two main male characters and Rush’s “Tom Sawyer.” It made me smile so big. I think every mid-40’s male could probably do just what they did. Even if you don’t want to watch the show, you should check that scene out.

Speaking of being mid-40s, I am really enjoying “Younger” on TV Land (yes, TV Land). It’s about a 40-something woman (ridiculously good-looking and with a phenomenal figure) who is divorced and can’t find a job because she’s old (!) so she pretends to be 26 and gets a publishing job, a tattooed boyfriend and a new “crew.” It would be fun to be able to go back and relive my youth knowing what I know now. I will admit though that “being” young does also look exhausting.

Also exhausting but in a great way is “Jane the Virgin” on the CW. The plotline is ridiculous and so much crazy stuff happens (it’s basically a telenovela) but they are totally self-aware and tongue-in-cheek about it (the narrator is terrific). Gina Rodriguez deservedly won a Golden Globe for playing Jane; she is adorable. I like that things don’t always go the way I think they are going to, it could often be trite but it’s not. I also love that she is so close with her mother and grandmother.

Historically, some of my favorite shows have been “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Alias,” “Gilmore Girls, and “ Veronica Mars.” When thinking about that list, it’s no wonder that I am really enjoying “iZombie” on the CW. Apparently, I like a snarky, smart, female lead. The creators of “Veronica Mars” created this as well and an alum from “Alias” pops up every now and again. (Aly Michalka plays the roommate and *Family Plug* she was also in the movie The Roommate with my cousin Adam Saunders who played “Handsome Guy!”) Anyway, I fear if I told you the plot you’d discount it but I promise it’s a good show. Each week is a little different which should help its longevity and keep it fresh. Plus the guys are all good-looking, which is always a bonus.

Speaking of good-looking, “Outlander” on Starz is fantastic. I was worried the adaptation would be cheesy and embarrass the book (which is on my “Books I Love” list, see blog 1). Nope! They’ve done a truly wonderful job with it. Jamie and Claire are everything I hoped they’d be and so are their….relations. Smokin’.

Much to my husband’s chagrin, I have more I could plug, but I’ll stop there. Time for the Song of the Blog… I’ll go with a favorite from the 90’s – Garrison Starr “Superhero.” Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “TV, take me away…

  1. Jenni Goldson

    Yay! I guess my plea to Billy over the weekend for another blog worked! Next blog about books, please…I’m in need of some new recs!


  2. Lynda

    I am so glad you admitted to iZombie! I am also hooked and can’t wait until the next episode! I hope people give it a try.



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