My Favorite 2015 Fall TV Shows:

Fall is my most favorite season. I LOVE the weather (changing of the leaves; cool, crisp air), I like the clothing better and I get to watch a whole new crop of television shows! Each August/September I anxiously await the new fall TV issue of Entertainment Weekly, I take notes and I make a schedule for my viewing pleasure.

I try to watch everything (don’t judge). If a show grabs me, even a little, I will hang on for ep. 2, then episode 3, and so on. If not, I’m out. I’m still watching quite a few. Due to the staggered roll-out of shows, I haven’t seen enough of some to know yet (Fargo) and haven’t even started some (Angel From Hell).

I have mentioned some of these in past blogs, but my favorite NOT new shows are:

Dramas –

The Good Wife (CBS) – The most quality television show on air for me right now.

Scandal (ABC) – Still good.   Started to lose me a little last season but I’m back.

The Blacklist (NBC) – James Spader really is great, just the right amount of smarmy yet still likeable.

Jane The Virgin (CW) – Handles charming, serious and funny deftly.

The Affair (SHO) – I’ve only watched the first two episodes but I already like it better than season 1. It’s so clever how different their perspectives are (even down to the clothes!) and I think adding the exes’ adds even more to the story.

(Also, if you didn’t watch Mr. Robot (USA), you should. The penultimate episode was mind-blowing.)

Comedies –

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX) – Andy Samberg is terrific. My whole family thinks this show is really funny.

Modern Family (ABC) – I don’t know how they can stay funny for this long but they do and they do it so well, another family favorite.

Fresh Off the Boat (ABC) – It’s sweet and a fun flashback to a time before cell phones and the Internet.

You’re the Worst (FXX) – NOT for the whole family but raunchy and laugh out loud sarcasm at its finest.

Here are the NEW shows that I am enjoying so far:

Dramas –

Limitless (CBS) – I really like the lead, Jake McDorman. He’s cocky yet likeable. Oh, to have that much brainpower. I never saw the movie with Bradley Cooper but I really like that Mr. Cooper shows up every now and then. It gives the show some heft and makes me want to see the movie. If only I had the time…

Blindspot (NBC) – I thought the concept was very cool in the beginning. Now I’m kind of wondering how they are going to continually explain the fortuitous coincidence of each dangerous situation matching a tattoo of hers spaced out so nicely. It’s like watching a movie fight scene when the attackers make their moves one guy at a time. Really? Someone took the time to tattoo this woman’s whole body, how lucky for the FBI that these events are happening in such a linear fashion. I’m still entertained tho. Plus she has a super cute haircut.

Quantico (ABC) – Even though I have it on authority that this is not at all an accurate depiction of Quantico, I still like it. It’s a real whodunit. We know a bit about all the characters but not everything. It’s twisty and turn-y and fun to watch.

The Player (NBC) – I assumed this would immediately fall off my list, but I’m still in. I like the lead, Philip Winchester, and I am kind of happy for Wesley Snipes that he has a good job!

Comedies –

Grandfathered – How good does John Stamos look?! Unreal. I’d probably still watch it even if it weren’t funny. Luckily, it is. Plus the son reminds me of my cousin (hi, Adam).

The Grinder – Rob Lowe is no slouch in the looks department either but it’s Fred Savage who gets me. He and the wife are great together and he always has these reactions/sideways glances that are great. I really like this show.

As for books, I got stuck in a holding pattern while reading my book club book. I didn’t read anything else because I thought if I was reading, I should be reading that, and I didn’t really want to read that so…nothing. Book club has since passed, next book is The Martian which I have read and loved and already told you all to read, so now I am free to read anything. Just haven’t loved anything yet, so nothing to report there.

Haven’t been able to get to the movies, but when I do, it will be to see The Martian.

As for music, I am loving Alessia Cara’s “Here,” Beck’s “Dreams,” The Neighbourhood’s “R.I.P. 2 My Youth,” and Adele’s gorgeous “Hello.”

On the concert front, we just took our girls to see Taylor Swift. I’m sort of sad for them because now they are going to think every concert should be like this. They are going to be sorely disappointed. I have been lucky enough to attend many concerts in my lifetime, but this was something special. Not only was the show fantastic (the bracelets are genius), her singing on point, her costumes fun and sparkly, her dancers super talented – no, there’s more. She uses her powers for good. Miss Swift continually spoke to the audience (which looked and sounded to be just about every lower school/tween/teenage girl in the South) and, without being preachy, told them how to behave responsibly on social media and illuminated the fact that acting disaffected/super chill is NOT cool. Love her.

Song of the blog:


It has been a rough couple of months for my family in terms of loss. I’m not going to go too into everything, especially since I talked about my friend in the last post, that isn’t the blog you signed up to read.

I will say that I probably wouldn’t have been able to move to New York without the support of my grandparents. And if that meant I had to go out with the New York City-living grandson of any woman my grandmother met on the golf course in Florida, then so be it. At least I knew Nanie was thinking of me! My grandmother was sweet and uninhibited, kind and feisty, funny and demure. She was 92 and had been married to my grandfather (who is 97) for 74 years. I am one lucky granddaughter to have had her (and them) as long as I have.

My uncle, whom I’ve mentioned previously, passed away in August – 10 days after my friend, Stefanie. He was my grandparents’ youngest child, only 13 years older than I. He was so fun to be around, absolutely the funniest person I’ve ever known. He was also the family documentarian – his videos, full of love and humor, will allow the next generation to get to know him. He was the one who showed us all that it’s ok to follow your passion, to do what you love. Watching The Beatles perform on Ed Sullivan when he was 8 changed the course of his life. He certainly didn’t pursue being a DJ for the money. He loved the music and he loved sharing it and connecting with others. His example helped me turn away from the job where my degree was leading me (but my heart wasn’t in) and turn toward the chance to work in the music industry. Was it the right choice? I don’t know. All I know is I loved it and that opportunity has added color and brought joy to my life to this day.

I like to think they are together; playing pool, dancing, and making each other laugh. This one’s for them…

The Beatles “In My Life”



7 thoughts on “My Favorite 2015 Fall TV Shows:

  1. Lynda

    Love your blog!
    I agree completely with your list of fall dramas! Had not expected to like Limitless, but it’s fall, so I’ll try most anything once. Now love the lead- just enough cheeky attitude! Only watched the Player Bc an employee at Barnes and Noble recommended it ( and if you can’t trust a Barnes and Noble employee working in the video section to give good, unsolicited advice on tv shows, who can you trust- other than you). So much more than expected so it’s on my list as well
    Love Quantico- great mystery
    So far so good on Blindspot though I agree with your comments.
    Thx for doing this!


  2. Tiffany

    You might like “Life in Pieces” on CBS. I gave it a try (because it follows Big Bang) and think it’s a great concept (funny, too!). Miss you!


  3. Julie Gothard

    Great post Jules! I love the photo with your Grandparents. And the sweet tribute song. Liking Quantico and the 2 G comedies also. Life in Pieces moved to Thursday nights. Last week had a bit with the new parents that made me laugh out loud!



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