Happy Summer!

We just got back from a two-week trip and didn’t turn on the television at all. Before that and since, I have only watched baseball so I can’t offer you anything on that front (except, GO BRAVES!). It is hot out though, so if you’d like to go to the movie theater or stay home and read some great books, I have some suggestions.


Top Gun: Maverick

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve already been so directed: GO see this movie! Is it a redux of the original? Yes. Does it matter? No. It is everything you want it to be. And if you leave there feeling all Tom Cruise-y, go ahead and (re)watch Edge of Tomorrow because it’s that good.


American Dirt – Jeanine Cummins

I know I am late on this novel, but it seemed like such a heavy topic that I never wanted to read it. One of the benefits of book club for me is that I read books I know I should read but can’t make myself pick up on my own. Here, Lydia, a journalist’s wife, is forced to flee her comfortable life in Acapulco with her eight-year-old son in order to survive. Thus begins their new lives as undocumented immigrants and their treacherous journey to the United States. It was not an easy read and I often had to put it down to take a break, but it put a face on the migrant experience; I thought it was very powerful.

Book Lovers – Emily Henry

Looks like I’m a big Emily Henry fan (see Beach Read and People We Meet on Vacation)! You know in all those Hallmark movies/romance novels where the main character has a blonde, big city, bitchy, business-first girlfriend whom he eventually dumps after falling for the sweet, cute baker/dying-family business owner he meets while on a work trip to a small remote town? This book centers on that ditched girlfriend. It’s really cute and often laugh-out-loud funny.

Lessons in Chemistry: A Novel – Bonnie Garm

A funny, smart and entertaining story which is enveloped by the brutal reality of what it was like to be a brilliant, career-minded woman in the 50s and 60s. I also had to put this book down sometimes because I was so frustrated for Elizabeth Zott and how she was demeaned and denigrated by the males in power. Reminiscent of A Man Called Ove and Where’d You Go, Bernadette, this book is quirky but impactful. I’d like to think we’ve come a long way since then but, lately, I’m not so sure. My favorite character in the book is her dog, Six-Thirty.

Fun fact: Apple TV+ has optioned this novel for a series starring Brie Larson, airing next summer!


I saw Phoebe Bridgers with a friend in concert a few weeks ago. She is one cool chick and a very clever songwriter. I couldn’t decide between sharing ICU and Motion Sickness so click on both to listen.

Take care and stay hydrated!!


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